Designers choice Hand-Tied Bouquet
Fresh flower bouquet filled with lots of textures and tones. This bouquet includes wax flower, garden roses, chrysanthemums, white veronica okive branches and more. Same day delivery available in Ottawa, ON.
Fresh flower bouquet fulled with magnolia, roses, dahlias ans foliage. Delivered in Ottawa, ON
Designers choice Hand-Tied Bouquet

Designers choice Hand-Tied Bouquet


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Designed in our studio with love, all bouquets and arrangements are made with the finest seasonal materials with a preference for local and specialty flowers and foliage. Each bouquet is unique and designer's choice. We welcome design requests, but cannot guarantee specific materials. 

Our weekly flower harvest is curated by the blooms in season + we strive to emphasize locally sourced flowers.

We have two palette options: 

  • Soft and Neutral
  • Pop of colour 


* Please note that the arrangements on the website are to only give customers an idea of the style and cannot be recreated exactly as such. Each arrangement is created using the best of the week's flowers available to us and is completely unique. We always strive to send out the most beautiful arrangement at any price point.  

**Pictured is our $130.00 bouquet all in soft and neutral 


Each order is wrapped and presented in our luxe wrapping and a satin ribbon.

Each order includes a custom full-sized Maison Anthea postcard in which we hand write your personal message.